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We invite Shopify brands to join us in transforming the way outdoor products are bought and sold, providing conscious consumers a sustainable shopping experience.
Increase Sales: GGC provides a new sales channel to brands at no additional cost.

Shopping with Purpose: GGC supports outdoor and social initiatives with every purchase, empowering your brand to make a positive impact.

Transparent Impact: GGC promotes transparency and accountability. Your brand's platform bio will explain the supported outdoor initiatives and reasons for chosen causes.

Charitable Collaboration: GGC mandates a minimum 10% donation from brands per purchase, enabling us to donate 100% of our profits to supported organizations. This collaborative approach maximizes our collective impact.

Brand Exposure: Showcasing on our platform boosts visibility, brand recognition, and establishes a socially responsible reputation.

Community of Brands: By joining our platform, you will be connected with a passionate audience that shares your values of sustainability and social responsibility. GGC connects brands and enables them to collaborate on marketing initiatives.

How it works

Joining GGC takes less than 10 minutes:

  1. Download the Flowcart Shopify Sales Channel to create an account

  2. Head over to Brand Tools > My Products to set your commission rate

  3. Toggle on the products that you would like to feature on GGC. You will be prompted to enter the PayPal email address through which your brand will get paid for orders

  4. Email with a short (3-5 sentence) company Bio that we will feature on our site

Then, the work is done...

Welcome the Green Gear Collective!

✅ Orders placed on GGC will be automatically placed on your Shopify store.

✅ Payment for the brand margin will be automatically paid through PayPal.

✅ Inventory for all imported products in GGC will be synced with your shop.


Want to join as a brand?

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