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30kn Climbing Carabiner

30kn Climbing Carabiner

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Why Aluminium Material?

  • Aluminum is the most common material for carabiners used in rock climbing. Aluminum is light and stiff, making it ideal for a climber's harness since extra weight can put a serious drag on a climb, especially in remote areas.
  • A high-quality aluminum carabiner usually has a high strength rating compared to other climbing equipment like harnesses and rope. You'll be safe using an aluminum carabiner in almost all applications.

D shape & Unique Groove Design:

  • Make it easy to connect. Can make the connected harness and protective tools fixed on the force position of the major axis.
  • The carabiner has a specially designed groove on the bottom, which can effectively prevents connecting component from moving. Make it more safe and stable while climbing.

Anti-Skid Screw Thread Lock Gate:

  • The carabiner has a threaded sleeve over the gate.
  • The gate can be locked in a closed position to provide extra protection against accidental gate openings.
  • The Screw Thread over the gate is special designed to be Anti-Skid. Make it more smooth to lock.

Anti-lanyard keylock nose:

  • Special design on the gate of the hook, which makes sure all other ropes will not accidentally be hung here.
  • This is especially important when you operate the carabiner with one hand.

Muti Function Carabiner !!

  • Carabiners can be used to connect parts of an anchor system like your ropes or harness or to hang bags, shoes, or other gear.
  • The carabiner is great for outdoor activity, camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, keychain, fall protection system, anchor setting, rappel, climbing, rescue, etc. 

For more info on carabiners, check out our blog: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CARABINER?

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