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Hover Ski Rack

Hover Ski Rack

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The Hover Ski Rack is the perfect storage solution for skiers who struggle with storing their skis in small spaces. With its innovative design that uses the sidecut of the ski to effortlessly hang your skis off the wall, the Hover Ski Rack creates a stunning display of the top sheets like art. Plus, it can accommodate skis of different sizes, making it suitable for all types of skiers and skis.

Our wall-mounted ski rack offers two size options:

All-Mountain for ski widths up to 110mm

Powder for wider ski widths up to 130mm

Features our Sneaky Ski Pole Storage that hides your pole behind your skis. Fully CNC’d aluminum promises years of use without damaging your skis or itself. This mounts 1 Set of skis to any wall.

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