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Instant Power Coffee Packets

Instant Power Coffee Packets

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Introducing our irresistible lineup of projo* flavors, designed to elevate your coffee experience to new heights. Indulge in the smooth and creamy Vanilla Flavor projo*, a delightful blend of vanilla and premium coffee that offers a velvety smooth texture and a perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. For those craving a rich and decadent treat, our Chocolate Flavor projo* delivers a luscious and creamy cocoa-infused coffee that will satisfy your deepest chocolate cravings. Discover the bold and creamy Cinnamon Flavor projo*, a tantalizing fusion of cinnamon and premium coffee that will awaken your senses with every sip. And for a touch of caramel indulgence, our smooth and creamy Caramel Flavor projo* combines velvety caramel notes with our exquisite coffee blend, creating a moment of pure indulgence with every cup. Elevate your coffee routine and savor the delightful flavors of projo* that will transport you to a realm of pure bliss.

Projo* comes in convenient single-serve stick packs, ensuring that you can enjoy our Power Coffee wherever you go. Each stick pack is perfectly portioned, making it easy to prepare a delicious and nutritious beverage in seconds.

Ingredients: Coffee, Calcium Caseinate (A Milk Derivative), Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavors, Monk Fruit Extract. Allergens: Contains Milk Ingredients.

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