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Scout XT

Scout XT

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The world of slingshots has never been the same since 2012.

Made from modern durable materials, equipped with FlipClip X, and boasting a textured over-molded rubber grip, the Scout XT slingshot is designed to accommodate the widest range of grip styles, hand sizes, and shooting preferences possible.

Includes our standard latex flatbands with microfiber pouch (best for 3/8"-7/16" steel ammo) uninstalled with instructions for you to not only install, but tune and fine tune to your exact desires.

Each Scout XT slingshot comes with the innovative FlipClipX™ band attachment accessory for OTT and TTF use.

Available in: Original Green (green body/black handle) Double Black (black/body/black handle) Camo (green body/brown handle) Blaze Orange (orange body/brown handle)

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