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Adventure Board

Adventure Board™ 23′

Adventure Board™ 23′

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The ultimate multi-use backyard and adventure equipment, the 23' Adventure Board™ blends the rugged durability of a river SUP with the bounce and rebound of an air track. The result is a four-season, all-terrain Adventure Board™ with unparalleled versatility and endless potential. Weighing 65lbs, the Queen of them all, the 23' Adventure Board™ is magnificent as a slip-n-slide at the lake and in the yard, offers incredible stability as a temporary dock, and is still plenty easy to paddle. Anchor, float, tumble trick and slide--this board does it all. Grab your neighbors, friends, and grandkids and head to the lake
for a day to remember!

Specs: 23' x 40'' x 8'' / 10'' x 10'' x 45'' rolled up
Material: UV protected double layer fusion drop stitch
Includes: 23' Adventure Board™, electric pump, carrying bag, patch kit

Load Capacity:
Ground: 10′ – 1000 lbs / 16′ – 2000 lbs / 23′ – 3000 lbs
Water: 10′ – 750 lbs / 16′ – 1,500 lbs / 23′ – 2,250 lbs

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