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Hammock Bug Net | No-See-Um Breathable Mesh Mosquito Netting | Ultralight Outdoor Shelter | "L" Zipper Style

Hammock Bug Net | No-See-Um Breathable Mesh Mosquito Netting | Ultralight Outdoor Shelter | "L" Zipper Style

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The Hammock Bug Net is constructed with breathable, high-visibility black polyester mesh. There are 500 holes per square inch, so you’ll enjoy good visibility while keeping pesky insects at bay. Zipping up the bug net creates a powerful space with 360° protection, so you don’t have to worry about bugs invading any part of your body.


This is one of the larger nets and it offers plenty of headroom. The netting has 11 feet long to cover even the largest hammocks. It can be used for single and double hammocks thanks to its expansive size. The right-angle zipper opens wide with dual pulls, making it easy to get in and get out.


The hammock bug net features a unique design with 2 windproof guy lines & 2 stakes for a more spacious interior. NO mosquitoes or little gnats can get in or around your body! Effectively keep bugs from biting your body and buzzing near your ears while sleeping in the hammock.


The Hammock net with a hook inside is used for the hanging lanterns. Multi-purpose storage hanging pouch for store small items such as phones, keys, glasses, water bottles. Very handy for you to keep stuff where you can easy to find it.


Each bug net comes with a ridgeline with the net's quick hooks that make for a fast and easy setup. The ridgeline is measured 30ft long to provide support between distant anchor points. Cinch openings on either end seal tight to keep bugs out.

Why do you need a Hammock Mosquito Net?                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Sleeping under the stars is one of the best parts about hammock camping — until the mosquitos show up.
  • Bugs have a special way of souring your camping experience. Sometimes they fly straight into your ear.
  • When you wake up the next morning with bug bites all over your body, you know you’re in for a few maddening days of itching and scratching to no avail.
  • If your hammock doesn’t already have a built-in bug net, check out AYAMAYA HAMMOCK BUG NET to help you solve these problems.

How to Use Your Bug Net?

  • Keeping the bugs out of your hammock while you slumber in the summertime is simple — if you know how to use your hammock bug net correctly.
  • Camp away from water or moist conditions. Wherever there is water, there’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Spray your bug net with permethrin. This is a safe bug repellent that works well on fabric.
  • By coating your bug net with this spray you help keep the bugs away, which is handy when opening and closing your netting.
  • After all, you will be able to keep them out when the net is secured, but there is always the chance they’ll sneak in before you zip up.
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