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Malo'o DryPack Waterproof Backpack Cooler

Malo'o DryPack Waterproof Backpack Cooler

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The Malo’o DryPack Backpack Cooler with IceCell™ insulation is a versatile bag that keeps your drinks cold or your gear dry on your outdoor adventures. It can be used as a cooler to keep your drinks cold or a dry bag to protect your gear, snacks, and electronics from water.

Whether you're going fishing, camping, kayaking, boating, hunting, hiking, or to the beach, the Malo’o Backpack Cooler is a simple and smart way to carry your essentials. With a capacity of 24 cans (18 bottles) and ice, this backpack cooler is large enough for any adventure. It's comfortable to wear as a backpack and keeps your hands free for other tasks.

The Malo’o Backpack Cooler is a reliable cooler bag that is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It keeps your drinks cold for longer and ensures that your gear stays dry even in wet conditions. So, take it along with you on your next adventure and enjoy the convenience it provides.

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