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Malo'o Nalu Changing Poncho

Malo'o Nalu Changing Poncho

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Aloha, are you tired of freezing while trying to change out of your wetsuit? Don't be an average surfer who shimmies out of their wetsuit while wrapped in a towel. Smart surfers know that getting their core temperature back up is key to more surf sessions. That's why the Malo’o Nalu Surf Poncho is the perfect solution!

This eco-friendly changing poncho is made from post-consumer recycled materials, so you can feel good about helping the planet while keeping warm and dry. It's incredibly soft, absorbent, and sand-resistant, making it a must-have for any surfer. Plus, it's available in toddler sizes up to large adults, so everyone can stay cozy.

The Malo’o Nalu Surf Poncho has a large hood and front pocket, providing you with plenty of room to change out of your wet clothes. You don't have to worry about kooks taking a peek either, as it's long enough to cover you even if you're 6’6”. No more checking if you're covered while bending over or pulling off your wetsuit - the Malo’o Eco Surf Poncho has you covered!

Whether you're surfing in California, fishing in Wyoming, or boating in New England, the Malo’o Nalu Eco Surf Poncho is a must-have to keep you warm and protected while changing. So, don't be caught without one! Mahalo for choosing Malo'o.

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