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Malo'o Premium Surfboard Leash

Malo'o Premium Surfboard Leash

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The Malo'o Surf Leash is designed for surfers and paddleboarders. The ankle cuff is extra-wide and soft, providing comfort and allowing for movement without any interference. The Velcro board attachment is very strong and will remain secure under even the most difficult conditions. The dual stainless-steel swivels prevent the tangling and kinking of the leash. The Malo'o leash is made of an 8mm thermoplastic polyurethane cord, ensuring durability. While all leashes eventually wear out and need replacement, the 8mm cord on this leash provides the best balance between longevity and ease of use. The leash is available in various lengths, including 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, and 10ft. It is recommended to use a leash that is the same size or slightly longer than your board.


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