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Malo'o Mehana Changing Poncho

Malo'o Mehana Changing Poncho

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The Malo’o Mehana Changing Poncho is great for changing into or out of your wetsuits, shorts, or clothes without flashing other surfers, bystanders, and kooks in the parking area. If you love to surf, that means you’re usually wet and sandy after your session. We’ve used multiple changing robes or towel ponchos over the years, and we found they were either too short and risked flash exposure or were like cardboard and not very comfortable.

The Malo’o Mehana Changing Poncho is incredibly soft and large. At 36” x 47” with a 14” hood and 400 GSM cotton body, it’s designed to go over a wetsuit and provide you with room to change. No need to check if you’re covered while bending over or pulling your wetsuit off. The Malo’o Surf Poncho will cover you even if you are 6’6”!

Whether you're surfing in California, fishing in Wyoming, or boating in New England, the Malo’o Surf Poncho will keep you warm and protected when you need to change.(Mehana means warm)



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