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SnoStrip | Adhesive

SnoStrip | Adhesive

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Our new '23-'24 season design features:

  • Adhesive application to work on any vehicle surface
  • Perfected snowboard hooks for securing up to 2 boards
  • A thicker base to separate your edges from the car paint even more
  • Deeper slots for extra security
  • 2 narrow slots for thinner skis
  • Rubbery material for extra grip
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Protect your vehicle and gear with the all-new Adhesive SnoStrip®

  • Quick, hassle-free adhesive application
  • Tested in all-weather conditions at highway speeds


Will the Adhesive SnoStrip® stay on while I'm driving?

  • Yes! The Adhesive SnoStrip has been built to stay on your car at highway speeds. Make sure the SnoStrip is flat against the car so air cannot get underneath. The adhesive version will even stay on through an automated car wash!

What are the dimensions of the Adhesive SnoStrip?

  • 16 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 0.8 inches thick

What cars does the Adhesive SnoStrip work on?

  • The Adhesive SnoStrip works on ANY solid car surface!  This includes aluminum, plastic, non-metallic Jeep wheel wells, 

How do I keep it from being stolen?

  • When properly applied, the Adhesive SnoStrip will be very difficult to steal, and not to mention difficult to re-use!

Will it leave any residue on my car if I choose to remove it?

  • No - The Adhesive SnoStrip uses an adhesive material that is designed for automotive applications!  Peeling the adhesive material off the vehicle should not leave any material behind on your vehicle.  If any residue remains, use an  Adhesive Remover product to fully remove all residue.

Can the SnoStrip® be used for anything other than skis and snowboards?

  • Absolutely! We've used the SnoStrip to lean fishing rods, paddles, hiking poles etc. against our cars without having to worry about them falling over and scratching the car paint.

Why hasn't this always been in my life?

  • We certainly wish it had been, and that's why we made it!
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